The Entrepreneurial Professional Course

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Offered as part of the statewide CASCADE program, the Entrepreneurial Professional Course will provide you with essential business knowledge to launch a new business on your own or champion new initiatives in an existing company as an “intrapreneur.” Designed specifically for individuals with professional work experience, this course enhances your professional abilities by expanding your entrepreneurial knowledge and skillset. Learn to master the basics of business ownership and the process of creating a new business venture. Determine whether your idea is a feasible business concept. Find out how to access critical resources. Gain practical knowledge about the entrepreneurial experience, financial management and business planning. Get your business started now! Enroll in the Entrepreneurial Professional Course and learn the business essentials to start your business today or in the future!


Join us on this entrepreneurial journey as you learn to think and act like an owner. As you are building your business concept, you will learn about feasibility analysis, startup models, competition, marketing, start-up funding and how to legally protect your product. Throughout the course, you will learn the importance of entrepreneurial planning, strategy, and pitching your ideas. When you take the sum of all these parts, they equal – The Entrepreneurial Professional - able to move between the business and professional managerial/technical realms!


Today’s employers are looking for a dual workforce with managerial and technical acumen as well as innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills. Learning how to “Think Like an Owner” will give you an employable advantage and a head start if you want to start your own business in the future! Advance your professional opportunities with this FREE course! Become the workforce of tomorrow...become an Entrepreneurial Professional!


The Entrepreneurial Professional Course is offered by the CSUSB Entrepreneurship program, a leading University in providing entrepreneurship education. Recently honored as one of the top 35 Global Business Schools for fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, CSUSB Entrepreneurship has extensive experience in delivering innovative and relevant entrepreneurship education programs for students and professionals.


For course information contact: Monica Estrella or call 951/ 741-3896.

The Entrepreneurial Professional Course is offered collaboratively with the California Advanced Supply Chain Analysis and Diversification Effort (CASCADE). CASCADE is a U.S. Department of Defense-Office of Economic Adjustment (DoD/OEA) federally funded program awarded to the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development as the programmatic agency. Through CASCADE, a variety of cybersecurity resilience work, including 15 funded projects, will be done over a two-year period in partnership with a coalition of state agencies, and community, industry and educational institutions. CASCADE’s purpose is to:

  • Bolster California's defense supply chain cybersecurity resilience and innovation capacity
  • Assist California communities, business and workers adversely affected by Defense reductions
  • Support local adjustment and diversification initiatives
  • Stimulate cooperation between statewide and local adjustment and diversification efforts