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Dinner with an Entrepreneur

Tour a Local Business and Break Bread with a Successful Entrepreneur!

Held at various times during the academic year, the Dinner with an Entrepreneur event is designed to give CSUSB students from all disciplines and class levels an opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs at their place of business. The goal is to provide a venue where students can learn firsthand from local business leaders what it takes to conceive, launch and grow and entrepreneurial venture. In addition, the event creates opportunities to build networking contacts and connections that may result in mentoring relationships, internships or even job opportunities.


STAY TUNED! The Dinner with an Entrepreneur schedule for 2017-18 will be announced soon!

The format of the program is simple: we invite 10-15 students and registration is first come, first served. The visit includes a brief introduction to the business, tour of the business and a dinner session. Typically lasting three (3) hours, the visit gives students an intimate glimpse of a successful local business and an opportunity to ask questions of the entrepreneur in an informal setting. The format allows for a high level of interaction among the students and the entrepreneur.

The dinner is free for all attendees. We encourage students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to visit a successful local company and meet and network with one of the Inland Empire region’s best entrepreneurs.