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MBA in Entrepreneurship

Ashley Sharkey, MBA graduate

Ashley Sharkey - Founder, A Novel Solution
M.B.A., Entrepreneurship, 2008

In the MBA in Entrepreneurship program, our approach is to help facilitate your personal learning by immersing you in the entrepreneurial process. As part of the entrepreneurial program, you will be required to start and run a business and face the risk and rewards of entrepreneurship in real time as opposed to just through case studies or class lectures. You will interact with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business leaders within the community to learn from their successes and failures. Our faculty engage you in hands-on learning exercises and expect you to apply your skills in interactive sessions.

Outside the classroom, you will work on specific tasks that hone your budding skills, such as developing business plans, assessing the commercial potential of emerging technologies from Cal State’s technology transfer office and providing consulting services to local entrepreneurs. During the process, you will discover your personal strengths, weaknesses, motivations and goals. Most importantly, as a future business owner or manager you will discover your entrepreneurial potential, not by simply learning theories, but by experiencing the entrepreneurial process first-hand.

Concentration in Entrepreneurship - Five (5) Courses

Required Courses

  1. ENTR 621 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (4 - offered Fall quarter)
  2. ENTR 623 Piloting the New Venture (4 - offered Winter quarter)
  3. ENTR 625 New Venture Planning and Strategy (4 - offered Spring quarter)

NOTE: The three courses above MUST be taken in sequence.

Electives – eight (8) units chosen from: