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2017 CSUSB Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge

INNOVATION Challenge comes to CSUSB!

Join us to watch CSUSB students, faculty, staff and alumni deliver cutting edge ideas that will help change our campus, our community, or quite possibly the world!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE for the first ever CSUSB Innovation Challenge on May 25th! This is a competition that gives everyone at CSUSB the opportunity to team up and serve up new ideas to solve real problems.

The Teams Have Been Chosen!!!

Kimberly Collins LTC Driving Simulation Lab
Nathaniel Quinn Open Spaces Parking app
Joshua Marsden STEM Remote Control Car Learning
Raymond Good HiveBand Haptics
Michael Edwards CaseAid Mobile app
Samuel Sudhakar Grad Check Mobile app

Kurt Collins Regional Virtual Reality Training Center
Matthew Atherton LookMe Device

Congratulations to the selected finalists!

The Challenge is ON CSUSB!

Embrace the Coyote Spirit of Innovation! Harness your collective genius & deliver your emerging ideas to WIN BIG!!! REGISTER HERE to ATTEND the MAIN EVENT on MAY 25th!

If you have questions about the competition or entry process, contact Stacey Allis at Phone: 909.537.3217 or Email: