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Integrated Technology Transfer Network program (ITTN)

Specialty Program in Technology Entrepreneurship

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Scientific knowledge is widely used to identify and develop promising technologies but commercializing new technologies and building sustainable businesses requires a different approach and skill set. Developed in collaboration with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), our Integrated Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) provides top minority science students from across the nation with an advanced graduate study and mentoring program that helps them learn how to move from “mind to market” and prepares them to become technology innovators and entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

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Merging existing science expertise with innovative entrepreneurial approaches, the ITTN is an intensive year-long program offered to a select group of up to 15 students each year. Throughout the school year and during a special summer residency at the ARL, students work on cutting edge technology transfer and commercialization projects, interact with practicing entrepreneurs and research mentors, and participate in challenging seminar coursework on technology entrepreneurship. Students completing the program earn course credit toward an MBA in Entrepreneurship and are awarded a graduate Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship. More importantly, students discover their entrepreneurial potential and are transformed into “entrepreneurial scientists” positioned to take their new skills and knowledge and turn promising research and technologies into successful new ventures.

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