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Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Phone: 909.537.7564
Joined the Entrepreneurship Team in: 2015

Biography: Prior to joining California State University, San Bernardino, Dr. Jang worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Florida. His academic devotion to entrepreneurship is reflected in his dissertation, which examines the performance of technology business incubators by sponsorship as well as in other academic articles of his. At the University of Florida he taught a course in High-tech Entrepreneurship, which he developed from the ground up. He has been involved as a reviewer for academic conferences and journals, and at University of Florida he assisted with the Disabled Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, the Experiential Classroom, and the UF Big Idea Business Plan Competition, as well as a number of other outreach and engagement initiatives. He is an active member of Academy of Management, USASBE and the Strategic Management Society.

Courses: ENTR 541 - Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation; ENTR 543 - New Venture Opportunity Analysis; ENTR 544 - New Venture Development; ENTR 549 - Launching the Entrepreneurial Venture.

Research Interests: Dr. Jang recently completed a paper that is currently being published by Journal of Small Business Management. The research focuses on introducing a typology of entrepreneurial start-ups, and demonstrating how personal entrepreneurial identity and organizational identity vary based on the category of venture. His leading areas of research focus are business incubation, market entry strategies, and entrepreneurship education.

Most Admired Entrepreneur: Michael Morris, Ph.D., University of Florida and Josh Greenberg (2015), Grooveshark, Inc.

Awards and Recognition:
  • Faculty/Student Grant, California State University San Bernardino, “Developing Taxonomy of Talent Misuse of Entrepreneurial Ventures” , Dec 2015
  • Community Inquiry Group grant, California State University San Bernardino, “What Can We Do to Promote Student Entrepreneurship?”, Dec 2015
  • Distinguished Research Award, 27th Allied Academies Conference, Jul, 2013
  • Outstanding Teaching Case, 27th USASBE Annual conference, San Francisco, CA, Jan 10-13, 2013