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The CSUSB Entrepreneurship program provides academic opportunities that foster student development through experiential learning. With a strong foundation of core classes and a variety of electives, you will learn to navigate your own path as an entrepreneurial leader. Discover your full potential as we guide you through the process of creating, launching and managing a business venture! Students, regardless of the career path they choose, will be able to use key entrepreneurial competencies and apply the entrepreneurial mindset in any context!

Whether you’re the fully invested entrepreneur or just testing the waters, we offer course programs for all levels of interest. Find the program that best meets your needs:

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Exploring Entrepreneurship

Not convinced that your major field of study could use an entrepreneurial advantage?

We invite anyone who is interested to explore the foundations of business ownership in ENTR 100 – Exploring Entrepreneurship. This course is becoming increasingly popular and is open to students of all majors! This course includes distinct hands-on experiential learning. Be prepared to tackle the status quo, apply hard work, and have fun while doing it!

Dive right into what entrepreneurship actually is all about? Who are entrepreneurs? How does one become an entrepreneur? This course examines the key questions encountered by individuals considering the path of business ownership. Focus on examining the history and role of entrepreneurs in the economy, characteristics of entrepreneurs, career paths of entrepreneurship and one's personal potential as an entrepreneur.

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