CSUSB Innovation Challenge

CSUSB students, faculty, staff and alumni - Do you have a cutting edge idea that will help change our campus, our community, or quite possibly the world?

The Annual CSUSB Innovation Challenge competition gives everyone at CSUSB the opportunity to team up, sharpen new ideas, and solve problems. The Event features 2 Open Pitch nights to present your idea, network, and form a team comprised of ANYONE from the CSUSB community, and compete for $20,000 in cash prizes at the main event. START BUILDING your team and your plan of attack! Get your INTENT TO COMPETE entry submitted and form a dream team! SECURE YOUR TICKETS TO THE MAIN EVENT!

Official Entry Deadline - April 30th MIDNIGHT

SUBMIT YOUR INTENT TO COMPETE for the 2019 Innovation Challenge RIGHT HERE! - DUE April 30th. The chosen teams that will be invited to compete in the main event line-up will be notified by May 6th! From there our Entrepreneur in Residence, Steve Abbott will be in contact with your team to get you prepped and ready for the challenge!


Each competing team must have a CSUSB student as a qualified team member AND a minimum of TWO different colleges and/ or divisions retained, from there your teammates can include any student, faculty, staff and alumni of CSUSB in order to be eligible. If you need assistance in finding team members please reach out to us directly as we will help you build your team. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR TEAM MEMBERS SECURED BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR INTENT TO COMPETE OFFICIAL ENTRY!

JOIN US for Open Pitch Nights - April 16th & 17th

REGISTER HERE FOR NETWORKING & TEAM-BUILDING Attend one or both Open Pitch nights to learn more and start networking. You will have the chance to pitch your idea, shop ideas to build teams around, and meet others who are interested in forming a team. From there start building your team and your plan of attack! FREE food & refreshments provided.

Register to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Team

REGISTER HERE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF FINDING A TEAM to join for the Innovation Challenge Main Event. As the final team leading ideas are chosen by May 4th, not all idea-generators have yet secured their required team members! So if you still want to find a team to join register with us so we can help make the connection. PLEASE NOTE - By registering does not guarantee you will secure a team position for entry to the 2018 Innovation Challenge.

The Challenge is ON CSUSB!

Embrace the Coyote Spirit of Innovation! Harness your collective genius & deliver your emerging ideas to WIN BIG!!!
If you have questions about the competition or entry process, contact Stacey Allis at Phone: 909/ 537-3217 or via email:stacey.allis@csusb.edu

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