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School of Entrepreneurship Faculty

CSUSB Entrepreneurship Faculty

The faculty teaching entrepreneurship courses at CSUSB come from diverse background and experiences, but they all share one thing in common: entrepreneurial experience and the entrepreneurial mindset. As a student, you will work closely with faculty that have the experience and the knowledge of what it takes to create and grow sustainable businesses – not because they have read about, but because they have experienced it firsthand.

Battle-Tested Leaders

Each faculty member has experience in starting and growing ventures as the founder or part of the entrepreneurial team. In addition, most of our faculty has additional business experience working in small firms, corporate ventures and nonprofit organizations. Further, some of our faculty members are active members of the Tech Coast Angels, the nation’s largest angel investment network that invests in early stage ventures in Southern California.

As one of our former students noted about the CSUSB entrepreneurship faculty,
“they bring the reality of entrepreneurship into the classroom.”

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