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Lisa Rios Bio

Lisa Rios

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

Lisa Rios-Bio

Joined the Entrepreneurship Team in 2017

Lisa Rios has an entrepreneurial career that spans over 30 years. Lisa has fulfilled key executive roles throughout her career, and has worked alongside colleagues and led teams in achieving a rate of growth of 500% in a five-year time period within an organization. The growing pains were phenomenal, yet a success. As the Corporate Director of International Markets, Lisa has worked with leaders at an international level in several countries developing successful business relationships within the building products industry. In 2006, Lisa founded Leadership Dimensions, Inc., which facilitates executive leadership capacity and coaches successful CEOs and executives in a wide range of industries in matters of organizational culture, team development, alignment, and strategic growth thus embracing a shared vision at all levels of an organization. Lisa is also a business and C-Suite coach for Vistage International, the world’s leading professionally facilitated chief executive organization with over 17,000 executives in 16 countries. Vistage assists chief executives become better leaders, who make better decisions, and achieve better results. Lisa holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies from California Baptist University.

Most Admired Entrepreneur:

There are many entrepreneurs Lisa admires, although at the local level, the most admired entrepreneur is Alan Boudreau, CEO of Boudreau Pipeline; a successful underground pipeline construction company. Alan’s leadership style and humble approach has empowered his team to heights of success. He embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and has a natural ability to inspire those on his team to strive to be better.

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