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Minor - Entrepreneurship in the Sciences

The Scientist Entrepreneur: Innovation & Leadership in the Sciences

The NEWEST Minor program that Combines Science, Technology and Innovation!
The CSUSB College of Natural Sciences together with the CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship are proud to bring you this exclusive minor field of focused study...

The Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Sciences is aimed at students in the College of Sciences who are seeking to blend their primary area of study in the science field with entrepreneurship. The primary goal of the minor is to teach science students essential skill sets in entrepreneurship to enhance their careers after graduation. In addition to learning applicable tools to bring their science and technology related ideas to market, the program will also provide guidance to help students become entrepreneurial thinkers that will benefit them as employees, managers, leaders, and/or business owners.

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How to Add/ Change Your Minor

Undergraduate students may submit a Minor request through their myCoyote Student Center. Please see the Change of Major/Minor Guide for instructions or view the instructional video to learn how to submit an online request.

The minor requirements will appear on your PAWS approximately two weeks after the form has been submitted. An email notification will be sent to your CSUSB email account once your PAWS is ready for viewing.

How to Apply to CSUSB

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Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Sciences - 18 units

Entrepreneurship in the Sciences


  • / ENTR 3000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
    Exploration of the key concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. Examines the sources of new ideas and innovation, how ideas move from mind to market, the facets of the entrepreneurial mindset, and how entrepreneurial models and approaches can be applied in any organizational or societal context.
  • / ENTR/NSCI 5410 Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation:
    Examines the process of commercializing innovations and emerging technologies in entrepreneurial driven companies. Focus on understanding the innovation process and the strategy, tactics and behaviors necessary to manage the transition from basic development stages to commercial venture; intellectual property law and protection, technology transfer and licensing.
  • / ENTR 5430 Ideation and Creative Problem Solving:
    Examination of the process of generating, developing and evaluating ideas to launch innovative and viable new ventures. Focus on identifying the difference between ideas and opportunities and the role of ideation, observation and creative problem solving.
  • / ENTR/NSCI 5440 Developing the New Venture:
    Introduction to the process of developing a new venture concept. Focus on transitioning ideas into a viable business venture with special emphasis on developing a sustainable business model and a hands-on business planning experience.
  • / ENTR 5450 Resources for the Entrepreneur:
    Strategies and techniques employed by entrepreneurs to identify and access critical resources. Special emphasis on developing resource projections, negotiation, marshaling internal and external resources and team formation.
  • / ENTR/NSCI 5980 Reflective Essay:
    Submission of a reflective essay based on specified program guidelines.
Entrepreneurship in the Sciences


  • / Three (3) Elective Units chosen from non-GE upper-division courses in: ENTR, ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, GEOL, CSE, MATH, KINE, NURS, or HSCI. Students with majors outside of the College of Natural Sciences may NOT use an ENTR course for their elective..
  • / In addition to the grade point average requirements stated in Program Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree, students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all courses required to fulfill the Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Sciences.

Come and Kick Our Tires!

/ ADMN 1001 – Leadership for Global Challenges: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset a General Education (GE Category E) course that explores the concept of entrepreneurship and how the entrepreneurial lens can be employed to help individuals understand, interact and change the world around them by solving pressing personal, social and global problems. Students will learn the skills and abilities consistent with an entrepreneurial mindset to develop as a whole person by better understanding human behavior, creative endeavors, social relationships, one's relationship to the environment and how stress and failure can be managed.

/ ENTR 3000 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation WELCOME TO A WHOLE NEW APPROACH... Add new skills in entrepreneurship and innovation to your career toolkit! Examines the sources of new ideas and innovation, how ideas move from mind to market, the facets of the entrepreneurial mindset, and how entrepreneurial models and approaches can be applied in any organizational or societal context.

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