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MBA Graduate Program

MBA in Entrepreneurship

In the MBA in Entrepreneurship program, our approach is to help facilitate your personal learning by immersing you in the entrepreneurial process. As part of the entrepreneurial program, you will be required to start and run a business and face the risk and rewards of entrepreneurship in real time as opposed to just through case studies or class lectures. You will interact with entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders within the community to learn from their successes and failures. Our faculty engage you in hands-on learning exercises and expect you to apply your skills in interactive sessions.

Outside the classroom, you will work on specific tasks that hone your budding skills, such as developing a business model canvas, business plans, and elevator pitches. During the process, you will discover your personal strengths, weaknesses, motivations and goals. Most importantly, as a future business owner or manager you will discover your entrepreneurial potential, not by simply learning theories, but by experiencing the entrepreneurial process first-hand.

Focus Area in Entrepreneurship - Three (3) Courses

Required Courses

NOTE: ENTR 6210 and 6230 MUST be taken in sequence.
  1. ENTR 6210 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (3 - offered Fall semester):
    Study of the entrepreneurial process. Focus on the characteristics and mindset of entrepreneurs, ideation and innovation, startup models, risk mitigation, analyzing emerging opportunities, resource creativity, ethics and guerrilla tactics. Formerly offered as ENTR 621.
  2. ENTR 6230 Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities (3 - offered Spring semester):
    Study of the exploration process for new venture concepts. Focus on examining the tools and processes involved in developing a new venture, including formulation of a sustainable business model, preforming a comprehensive feasibility analysis, concept testing and business planning. Formerly offered as ENTR 623.
  3. ENTR 5450 Resources for the Entrepreneur (3 - offered Fall/Spring semester):
    Strategies and techniques employed by entrepreneurs to identify and access critical resources. Special emphasis on developing resource projections, negotiation, marshaling internal and external resources and team formation. Formerly offered as ENTR 545.
NOTE: For the required courses, we recommend that each student take ENTR 6210 and ENTR 6230 for the required component, and then take either ENTR 5450 or one of the courses below for the Elective requirement

Electives – Three (3) units chosen from any JHBC graduate level course (5000 level or above), including the one course not taken above. We recommend the following:

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  • ENTR 5410 Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • ENTR 5470 Managing a Growing Business
  • ENTR 5490 Launching the Entrepreneurial Venture
  • ENTR 5155 Business Consulting
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