2021 CSUSB Innovation Challenge

The Teams Have Been Chosen!

Come and Watch CSUSB teams compete to win big this year on April 22nd! Join us in this exciting virtual environment before the main event for some engaging workshops and learn more about cross-collaborating entrepreneurship programs!

Innovation Challenge Virtual Auditorium

Pre-Event Workshops:

WORKSHOP: Social Media Marketing

Here is Your Innovation Team Line-Up!


  • TEAM #1 – TuneIn an App for Mental Health & Managing Self-Care
    LEAD BY: LEAD BY: Giselle Tapia, Janet Maceda, Lauren Prunty, all from the College of Social & Behavior Sciences along with CSUSB Undergraduate student Brandon Perez with Communications Studies
  • TEAM #2 – Career Box A monthly subscription-based service for kids that provides a boxes filled with career choice explorations and activities!
    LEAD BY: Daniel Jackson, Business Administration CSUSB Undergraduate student
  • TEAM #3 – Viewlight a Bluetooth voice-over helmet that will alert riders of objects that may be in their blind spots
    LEAD BY: Rafael Mendez, CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship and Karla Lion, Liberal Arts Studies Undergraduate students


  • TEAM #4 – NeXt-Gen an innovative XR intervention for treating youth obesity
    LEAD BY: Neal Malik, Department of Health Science and Human Ecology faculty and Wagner Do Prado, College of Natural Sciences faculty, along with Mihaela Popescu, faculty, Liu Yotung, staff and Bobby Lauderman, Graduate student - all from the Department of Communications Studies.
  • TEAM #5 – Piston Driven LLC an automotive workshop where car enthusiasts can work on their vehicles and take courses in a safe working environment
    LEAD BY: Chinonso DomNwachukwu, MSEI – Master of Science Entrepreneurship & Innovation Graduate student and Eric Anderson, staff of CSUSB Strategic Communications.
  • TEAM #6 – LolliPopups a compact physical background that can be virtually expanded for video conferencing using uniquely patterned borders that are recognized by video-conferencing software.
    LEAD BY: Matthew Atherton, Education/ Technology Graduate student and Euliver Dizon, CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship Undergraduate student.
  • TEAM #7 – 1Knock A mobile app that will assist individuals in need to bridge the process in finding food, shelter and medical care in real-time - similar to an Airbnb reservation.
    LEAD BY: Matthew List, MSEI – Master of Science Entrepreneurship & Innovation Graduate student, Uriel Mendiola, MSEI Graduate student, along with Jonathan Evanculla, Cal State Los Angeles MSW Graduate student, and Bilal Khan, faculty of the CSUSB School of Computer Science and Engineering.


Each competing team must have a CSUSB student as a qualified team member AND a minimum of TWO different colleges and/ or divisions retained, from there your teammates can include any student, faculty, staff and alumni of CSUSB in order to be eligible.

The Challenge is ON CSUSB!

Embrace the Coyote Spirit of Innovation! Harness your collective genius & deliver your emerging ideas to WIN BIG!!!
If you have questions about the competition please contact Stacey Allis at Phone: 909/ 537-3217 or via email:stacey.allis@csusb.edu

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