Upstarters Entrepreneurship Club Meetup

May 23, 2018
Catalyst Accelerator @ CSUSB
2:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Upstarters Entrepreneurship Club Meetup Image.

Are you burning with an idea, problem, or a solution that you want to bring to the world or interested in becoming a part of an adventure? Join UpStarters as a community of founders and teammates, solving a diverse set of challenges crossing different industries.

Access resources that help you make your idea into reality by building your start-up team, managing growth, and controlling your business operations with a well-oiled machine of a team at your side. Drop in any time between 2 – 6 pm on Monday and/or Wednesday afternoons in the Catalyst Accelerator, room 284 in Jack Brown Hall. To submit your idea Click here.

UpStarters are looking for founders and club members! Sign up here for their UpStarters Interest List.

Catalyst Accelerator @ CSUSB
Room 284, Jack Brown Hall
San Bernardino, CA 92407
Contact:Stacey Allis