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Mon, May 1, 2017

My Entrepreneurial Journey: Introduction

Introduction: State of Entrepreneurship in Austria, Europe Comparison to US (California)

Hi there! My name is Arian and I am an international student here at Cal State San Bernardino. I’m currently working towards my MBA in Entrepreneurship. I’m originally from Vienna, Austria, in an area below Germany. I’m not newbie to entrepreneurship, at least I thought I wasn’t. Turns out that the perception of entrepreneurship between the two universities I attended, is a whole lot different. While my university FHWien University of Applied Sciences, in Europe, provided me with a very formal business like education. Whereas, the MBA program with a focus in Entrepreneurship here at CSUSB managed to turn my world upside down by introducing me to a hands-on approach. This approach has given me a grasp on what it really means to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial manager. Want to hear more about my story? Follow us and next time I’ll educate you on the entrepreneurial mindset and the ideation process. I promise it won’t be too text-booky!

By Arian Magyar, Entrepreneurship MBA Graduate