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Sun, July 1, 2018

My Entrepreneurial Journey: Part 3

An Actual Idea and The Feeling of Excitement

What’s happening everyone? Remember my post about ideation last month? Well, after my boss and teacher Dr. Stull planted the entrepreneurial seed deep in my head; I was constantly looking for new opportunities to expand upon. Unfortunately, up to that point, I didn’t seem good at finding promising ones (or at least I was told in the roundabout way). Turns out I didn’t need to! Out of nowhere, I got introduced to two entrepreneurship students in the bachelor’s program, who were working on their on-demand moving service idea, based on the well-known Uber model, and turning it into reality. Fortunately, I had one or two skills they were lacking in their current team and suddenly I found myself apart of CSUSB’s accelerator program and with it, one hell of a journey. Our advisor, Monica Estrella, patiently listened to our swarming ideas on how big “Hauler” (that’s how we called ourselves) could get and why we needed investors. However, Estrella pulled us back by telling us to fall in love with the opportunity and not the idea. If you’re asking yourself what is the difference? I did too! More about that next time.